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DJ Minty and Rupa Anurendra

Ed Wilks is an eminent composer and sound designer working with visual and sonic mediums and an expert curator of ambient and experimental sounds, so we knew he would be the perfect fit for this series. Ed first captured me with his outstanding Ambient Exploration Series, which have been the soundtrack to many walks, meditations and introspective moments for myself and I'm sure for many others. These mixes were originally live sets for a series of yoga classes which he later released onto SoundCloud as a ‘small sonic offering, intended to help ease some of the anxiety that was unfolding in our world’.

‘I’m drawn to music and sound which creates a sonic world or scene that evokes some feint memory or ineffable feeling. This mix is a rumination on texture and timbre, featuring pieces by artists and composers who inspire and inform my palette the most. It’s full of music to get lost to but that will reward a closer listen. Think— legs dangling off the end of a pier, deep orange sunset, warm breeze, waves, and no clear delineation between sky and sea.’

‘Thank you to Bec for such a beautiful project brief. This is the kind of music that engages the listener as a participant, where (mind)set and environment may colour each sonic event and vice versa. Where occasionally all senses come together, toward something resembling a peak experience.’

Keep up to date with Ed's work via his website, Facebook or Instagram.


Tres Passings

Bringing you an exploration of wandering musings for Space Cast 004 is local artist Tres Passings. Visual response by Bec Armstrong.

'Wandering Musings' by Bec Armstrong

Rossum Universal Tracks - Rauschsong
Leif - Yarrow
Billus - Drown
Farewell Warm Fields - Upper Side Walking
Hainbach - A Clear Path
The Timewriter - Sensual Pieces
John Abercrombie - Timeless
Stroboyouth - Tropical Islands
Thomas Gray & Liam Ebbs - Variation II
Steve Hiett - By The Pool
DJ Python - Te Conoci
Nicolas Jaar - Leaves
Aphex Twin - Z Twig
Wilson Tanner - All Hands Bury The Dead
Laura Groves - M6 North
Albrecht La’Brooy - Darby Saddle
Patrick Cowley - Mockingbird Dream 2
nelson - life halves
Jónsi & Alex - Daniell In The Sea
Floating Points - For Marmish
Sonmi451 - Probe
Dwig - Keep Us
Heavenly Music Corporation - St. Giga
C.K - Log On
Calibre - Chasm
Rhythm & Sound - King In My Empire (w/ Cornel Campbell)
Fluxion - The Place
Terekke - Ambien
Ulla - Leaves And Wish
Sonmi451 - Second To None
Luke Howard - Intermittent Reinforcement
Skee Mask - Frogsplash (Reshape)
Linkwood - Love Lost
Hiroshi Yoshimura - Water Planet
Dwig - Music For XXX