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DJ Minty and Rupa Anurendra

'I am very pleased to be able to share a sound which is special to me. The whole process of finding and recording the tracks of violin and other stringed instruments was hugely calming and a great experience. The recording process felt different from any other mix I have done. I was mixing as if the two tracks, in the two lines of the mixer were different performers, so as I raised the other track up, I felt the solo become a duet of strings.'

'The pieces of music in the mix are mainly avant-garde, improvisational, meditative, and classical. The track, ‘Méditation’ is my favourite piece to play on the violin, so I was glad to find a downloadable performance track of it to use! One musician in particular to mention is ‘Dixon’s violin’ who uses a 5 stringed electronic violin and a looping system to create a remarkable symphony sound. If you listen to the first two tracks again, you may be surprised to know that this is all produced by one instrument. Gaelynn Lea is also a stand out musician, who plays her violin as a cello and her bow as if she were playing a bass. She is a disability advocate, who moves herself through life in an electronic wheelchair. I was blown away and inspired when I came across Gaelynn and her talent.'

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Meg 4x4

We are so pleased to present the second Space Cast mix, a collection of soothing classical music brought to you from an extremely talented and passionate artist, Meg 4x4. Visual response by Bec Armstrong.

Méditation by Bec Armstrong

1. Earthrise - Dixon’s Violin
2. Catalyst - Dixon’s Violin
3. D Minor- Garrett Wilcox
4. Chesire Cat - Dixon’s Violin
5. Black Bear - Daniel Hart
6. Rebuild - Gaelynn Lea
7. Space Journey - Dixon’s Violin
8. CLOUD - Zachary Good and Lia Kohl
9. Violin + Tabla + Tanpura - Ross O’Brown
10. The Night Meditation - Felipe Tobar
11. Она Ангел, Мама,Она Ангел! - Kosta T
12. Sun Will Set - Zoe Keating
13. Méditation from Thaïs - Nicola Benedetti, violin. Julien Quentin, piano
14. умереть от счастья - Kosta T
15. Op. 20 no. 3 in G minor, III. Poco Adagio - St Lawrence String Quartet
16. Return To The Moon - Tomoko Omura