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DJ Minty and Rupa Anurendra

Eric is an exceptionally talented dj, producer and live visual artist. This year he released his debut single on his Bandcamp featuring two very distinct tracks, one of them a 19 minute long ambient exploration. Eric has created a stunning mix simultaneously capturing a sense of lightness and depth which has you drifting through subtle shifts in consciousness.

'I really love the concept for this mix series, diving into and appreciating the spaces between spaces, as well as the reflexive nature of the creation of art. Slowing down and getting lost in the spaciousness of music has been a great source of escape and solace for me this year. Spending less time listening to club-focused music has also inspired me to spend more time reflecting in nature and experimenting with some production of my own, using organic field recordings as a catalyst. Thanks to Space Cast Melbourne for allowing me to share this side of my music collection, putting together this mix felt like a meditative experience for me.'

For more of Eric's music and projects check out his Soundcloud, Instagram and Facebook


Lava Brain

It's an honour to present the first edition of the Space Cast mix series by good friend and wonderful human, Eric aka Lava Brain. Visual response by Bec Armstrong.

Lava Brain by Bec Armstrong

1. Subtle Shift Dub - ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
2. Septiminal Laws - Between Interval
3. Existing Closer Or Deeper In Space - Earthen Sea
4. Muscle Beach - C. Moody Crews
5. Even deeper (TT love dub) - Telefon Tel Aviv
6. Render_001_Primer - El Choop
7. Flies - Grand River
8. Afternoon Coastline - Hirotaka Shirotsubaki
9. 心はシダであります - Nmesh
10. MDP5 - Skee Mask
11. Oread - Space Afrika
12. Silhouette - Slow Dancing Society & zakè
13. Empty Shelves - Alice Dodo
14. Night Shineth as the Day - zakè (扎克)
15. Mint Deluxe-Lipiti - Neotantra
16. Vast - ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
17. Lava Brain - Tripping Point (Introspective Mix)
18. Drive - Deft
19. SmartLife K2049i - 猫 シ Corp.
20. Sunchemical - O Yuki Conjugate
21. Hand in Flame - Evan Caminiti
22. Elaenia - Floating Points
23. Umbra (Alternate Version) - Loscil
24. A Blank Slate - Earthen Sea
25. A2 - Topdown Dialectic
26. My Body Is Powerful - Octo Octa