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Latest release from Jess Sneddon + Kayleigh Heydon

Jess Sneddon is a genre spanning artist who’s mixes traverse trance, ambient, downtempo, chuggy electro, synthy breaks, post-punk and new wave. Her mixes for For Home Use Only, Bleus and Steeplejack (to mention a few) truely showcase the wide variety of music that she had under her belt.

Jess has created a gorgeous textural mix, that moves through subtle emotions, moody into light, deep into playful but ultimately deeply calming and introspective.

‘This mix was created with the idea of transitional space in mind — the space in between something and nothing, which is a feeling I’ve become increasingly familiar with over the last two years in Melbourne. For meandering along the creek, an aimless bike ride along backstreets, the small experiences where reality is not demanded but also not fully ignored’

You can listen to more of Jess' music on her Soundcloud or check out her gorgeous design work on her Website.

Kayleigh Heydon is a multidisciplinary artist based in Narrm, who’s practice focuses on painting and sculpture. Kayleighs work gracefully captures the transient and ever changing emotional, social and physical landscapes. Interweaving the internal and external through subtle palettes and natural forms.

Drawing inspiration from her emotional experiences, her work investigates opposing forces, joy and despair, light and dark, bold and subtle and brings them together in resolving and harmonious composition.

You can check out more of Kayleighs work on her Instagram or Website.


Jess Sneddon x Kayleigh Heydon

The eighth Space Cast release from Jess Sneddon, with visual response by Kayleigh Heydon, has come in perfect time for the winter slow down, wet forrest walks and long mornings in bed.

'Twilight Abundance' by Kayleigh Heydon, 2022

Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster & Panaiotis - Lear
Nurse With Wound - Soliloquy For Lilith 1
Badskin - 4
Midori Hirano - Close To Life
Vera Dvale - Sirutumine
Popul Vuh - Nachts:Schnee (Mika Vainio Remix)
Unearth Noise - Immortality Spell
Philipp Otterbach - Falling And Walking
Museum Of No Art - Soften Yourself In My Liquidness
KS Eden - Cross Track
Ana Roxanne - Camille
Bastion - Molitva
Dada - Yuuen • Inraku • Gaki