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DJ Minty and Rupa Anurendra

Hyphira is an artist, producer, audio engineer and dj who creates hybrid sets and long form linear works that shift between moments of intimate ambience and sonic severity. This mix moves through and explores a range of different perspectives, floating across vast open spaces, pitter pattering into intimate corners, then bursting out into something completely different, demonstrating the diverse scope of music that informs Hyphira as an artist.

‘I love listening to music, more than anything - except maybe making music. I use listening as a way to mediate my feelings, to ruminate on what’s happening around and within me, and as a means of learning and growing in my own compositional practice. Throughout 2020 I listened to more content than I ever have before, I would walk for hours listening to everything from albums, to mixes and podcasts. It was very escapist - a way to find consistency amidst uncertainty’.

‘When I was crafting this mix, I wanted to create an immersive sonic space reflective of that same sense of escapism. It’s a mix for headphone listening, and like most things I make, not tethered to any specific genre or style. Timbral colour and texture were two guiding characteristics of the mix, I wanted to create a work that effortlessly melted into different sonic spaces and worlds’

You can find more of Hyphira’s music and other projects on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

Gracie Edwards is a visual artist who's abstract painting practice uses layering and jarring of visual elements like bold expressionist colour and geometry as compositional strategies. She explores the relationships between colour, line, shape, form, texture, material and placement through perfectly constructed abstract scapes. Gracies work nourishes a dialogue between chance and her own intention behind the work, creating a dance of shapes and forms that shift before your eyes.

‘This work was created over a numerous sessions. An experimental piece with various and multiple layers, colours and painting techniques to accompany an experimental mix’.

You can explore more of Gracie’s works on her Instagram and online.


Hyphira x Gracie Edwards

Space Cast 005 brings together two artists, both experts in the exploration of abstract and experimental forms through sound and visuals. A sonic exploration by Hyphira, and visual response by Gracie Edwards

'On Repeat' by Gracie Edwards

Point Zero - Corin
Judge Me (Interlude) - Headie One (feat. FKA Twigs)
Plan & Elevation: III. The Herbaceous Border - Caroline Shaw and Attacca Quartet
State Forest - Burial
Stratus - Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
Antoinette & A Single Tear Climbing Up A Wall - Haji K.
A Walk in the Zone - Other Joe
Fantas for Saxophone and Voice (Bendik Giske) - Caterina Barbieri
Fantas Resynthesized for 808 and 202 - Caterina Barbieri
Sex - Djrum
AEon - Bruce
Body of Water (What Is Love) 线之间 - Mindy Meng Wang 王萌, Tim Shiel
Doctor’s Order - Kessler
Flyby VFR - Skee Mask
Tier One Program Eight - Gallery S
Minotaur - Photek
Crystalline - Björk
Out Of Me, You’re Haunting Me (Felicity Yang Remix) - Hyphira