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DJ Minty and Rupa Anurendra

Adam Dell’Arciprete, also known as DJ Minty, takes us through an immersive mix of lush and misty ambient sounds. One of the co-founders of Upstairs/Downstairs, Adam is an avid collector of old dance records, breaks, electro and the more downtempo and ambient goodness he has so beautifully curated in this mix.

‘This mix is really filled with collection of music I have been listening to for a long time. When I was putting this mix together, I really wanted to make something super atmospheric, taking listeners on a journey through a dark ominous rainforest eventually emerging onto a clearing finding the sun’s rays warming and invigorating. Big thank you to Bec for allowing me to share my sound with this amazing mix series.’

You can find Adam on Instagram or check out more of his music here, and explore his project Upstairs/Downstairs here.

Rupa Anurendra is a talented Graphic Designer, Artist and DJ, with work spanning across poster design for music events in Melbourne, film and theatre events, publications, branding, album covers and illustration.

‘The mix made me feel lost in space, sinking in the deep sea, floating in a lava lamp, flying through the sky. I felt like a fish, a rock, an astronaut, it felt like I was dreaming and it felt very special to be able to make something to and for it. The artwork is a figure that could be floating in space, or the deep sea, or a lava lamp or in the sky, floating wherever you think it is floating.’

You can explore more of Rupa's work via her Instagram.


DJ Minty x Rupa Anurendra

Dive deep into the seventh Space Cast release by DJ Minty, with visual response from artist, Rupa Anurendra.

'Floating in…' by Rupa Anurendra, 2022

AVR – Onion Dub
Ten and Tracer – You were Born Enough
Somni 451 – Helix
Sam KDC – Symbol 82
Murkok – Panflora
Synectics – Natural
Heavenly Music Corporation – Sphereless
Mosaik - Among plants
Aural Imbalance – Solar System
Inhmost- Break down
Vladimir Gnatenko – Kuvumelanisa
Andre Estermann – Bith
Plasmat – Blade Walker
Wisp – Reminder
Yimino - Cartoon
Musical Nature – Measured in Kelvin (Part III)
Yunx – The Doll Maker
Takuya Morita – Harmotics
Mr Projectile - Slow Rewards
Christian Kleine – Boon
Yimino – Piper
DAO – Moody Moon No 5
Bluetonic World – Beyond the Universe